Seating, Wheelchairs & Postural Management

Postural management involves the assessment and management of all positions that an individual adopts including sitting and lying. Occupational Therapy Northern Ireland work with children and adults who have a variety of postural management needs.   

We pride ourselves in our ability to comprehensively assess each client’s postural management needs and generate solutions that incorporate the wishes of the client and their carers. 

We strongly advocate a 24 hour postural management programme particularly for clients with complex disability as evidence has shown ‘the way a person is positioned and supported 24/7 will affect their spine, rib-cage and internal organs meaning attention to positioning and support is required wherever the person is and whatever they are doing for the rest of their life’ (Cobb and Giraud-Saunders, 2010). 

We can recommend seating and wheelchairs that range from basic seating systems to specialist seating including tilt in space wheelchairs and bespoke custom made seating systems.  Pressure care needs are also assessed in addition to the client’s position in lying.   

We have close contacts with various local wheelchair suppliers within Northern Ireland and we work jointly with them to ensure the client’s postural management needs are met in full.